How To Make Your Own Archimedes’ Screw

In the previous post I discussed how I created the Archimedes Screw, so I figured I would explain how to make a basic version that you can use to experiment with. This is a great activity that will demonstrate how the screw works. Enjoy!

■A length of PVC pipe – 60cm / 2 feet
■Clear plastic flexible tubing – this should be about 2 cm / ¾” outer diameter and 1.25 cm / ½” inner diameter
■A basin of water
■Food dye
■Waterproof tape
■Sharp scissors
■2 bowls of water
■A stand, stack of books, or a low table

1.Take your tubing and, using waterproof tape, secure it to one end of the PVC pipe, making sure that about 1.25cm / ½” hangs over the end.
2.Wrap the flexible tubing around the pipe, leaving about 2½cm / 1″ between intervals, until you reach the end of the PVC pipe.
3.At the end, leave 1cm / ¾” hanging over the end of the PVC pipe, cutting off the excess with the scissors
4.Secure the flexible tubing with waterproof tape
5.Place one bowl on the floor and fill it with water
6.Place the other bowl on the stand or table
7.Insert the end of the screw into the lower bowl, moving the entire apparatus, if necessary, to ensure that the water will fall into the upper bowl
8.Turn the screw so that the flexible tubing can scoop up liquid. As you keep turning the screw, water will spurt into the upper bowl



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