Mixed Emotions

I found out some very disturbing news today. For many years, I have been communicating with my mathematician friends from Alexandria. I loved sending them my latest theorems and proofs to get their feedback and critiques. I just found out today that some of the mathematicians have been claiming the results as their own. It disturbs me that people I considered to be my friends could be capable of stealing my ideas and claiming them as their own. Next time I will be more careful in the future, I will no longer send my proof of the theorem which will prevent people from taking credit for my work.
Lately I have been spending many hours working on finding the value of pi, which is a factor used in calculating the area of circles and volume of spheres and cylinders. I have no eaten in two days because I cannot seem to pry myself away from my calculations, but I suppose that I might take a break tonight to spend some time with friends and fill my stomach. I have been invited by King Hiero II to a dinner party that is being thrown tonight to celebrate the birth of his son Gelon, and it probably would not be wise to refuse such an offer.


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