Battle of Syracuse Updates

War Machines/Fortress

Lately I have been working on many projects and just wanted to update you guys on what I have been working on. The first thing I have been working on is constructing some walls and making them really strong while the battle is going on. You guys might know these walls as the Euryelos Fortress. The main thing that has been taking up a lot of my time, has been the making of my war machines. I have been spending a lot of time on these war machines because I want to make sure I am prepared when it comes to the battles. I truly feel these war machines will be the key to our victory here in Syracuse against the Romans. These war machines I have constructed will be able to launch massive boulders at their ships and cause a lot of damage to them. It should be able to launch the boulders at a far distance without us having to be close to the enemy. One thing that the Romans will not see coming, is something else I have also been working on. I have secretly put steel beams into the walls so when the enemy passes by, these beams along with these boulders, will fall onto the enemy ships and destroy them. Lets just hope everything I have come up with works out fine.


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