New Discovery

Today I was asked by King Hiero II to do him a favor. King Hiero II believed he was being cheated out of gold on his brand new crown by a local goldsmith. He thought that the goldsmith was trying to steal some of the gold from his new crown and replace it with cheap silver that looks real. So the other night I was taking a bath and was shocked by what I had seen. I noticed that when I sat down in the tub, all of the bath water was overflowing out of the tub. I knew what this had meant, so I ran outside into the streets shrieking “Eureka!”, because I knew that I had discovered something great. Once I stepped into the bathtub and the water overflowed, I came to a conclusion that the gold in the crown was not real because the density of real gold is much greater. I figured that it was silver in the crown because of the bulkiness. Once I told the King this, the goldsmith was later punished for his crime. What a crazy day this was!


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