For the last couple days I have been fixated on a new project. I have taken bronze metal and made an object that follows the rotation of the Sun, Moon, Earth and surrounding planets. Its so amazing to be able to follow the rotation of the earth. The Earth is at the center of the Universe. It also shows you when there will be eclipses of the moon. Wow I am so amazed with myself. My Dad would be proud. A fellow scientist, Ciero said I was “endowed with greater genius that one would imagine it possible for a human being to possess”. I appreciate the kind words but I do these things because I cant help it. These ideas just come to me and I cant help but work them out. It feels so great to be able to make discoveries and use my brain to better the world. Well I am having a vision of a new project. I better go and start working this idea out. Talk to you in awhile.


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