Awful Din

Sometimes when I take a break from my work, I can hear the noise in the background from the war. Thankfully it has not distracted me terribly from my studies. The war seems a world away when I am enveloped in my work. At times it is as if it is not there at all. Though when I recess and I hear the noise I feel a bit distressed, more at the state of things, than for my own health. I know it has been said that the soldiers not harm me, but one cannot help but be concerned. I have worked endlessly to better our society. I know the work that it takes to cultivate the ideas in ones mind. It is a tragedy that this war is bringing down the manifestations of generations of minds, right around our feet. It saddens me deeply. I must remove myself from these emotions and return to logic. It has been my closest companion, so I will not turn my back on it now. I must get back to work, these circles will not study themselves.


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